A Specialist SchoolVision Assessment Could Mean The Difference Between An A Grade Student And A Poorly Performing Student

Is your child’s reading poor, slow and disjointed? Does he lack concentration? Is she fidgeting when reading and writing? Have they complained that the words are moving around the page?

If so, it’s vital that you book your children in for a specialist School Vision Assessment.

School Vision 1
School Vision 2

SchoolVision Assessments closely examine how your children’s eyes work together. It doesn’t matter whether they are reading, writing, watching TV or playing computer games; their eyes need to work together in order to focus properly and feel comfortable.

The slightest misalignment of the eye causes stress as the brain is trying to realign the eyes together. The stress becomes apparent as children begin to lack concentration and struggle with reading and writing exercises at school and at home.

The SchoolVision Assessment involves seven essential tests that measure the eyes’ ability to function together, and the speed in which they operate.

String Test

The tests are also designed to measure light sensitivity and colour preference. Results from the tests will detect any subtle weaknesses in the binocular system which would not be detected during a normal eye examination.

Using the results from the assessment, our optometrist will prescribe suitable eyewear that is designed to realign the eyes and enable your children to read and write much more comfortably.

As you know, poor vision has a big impact on your children’s education and these thorough tests could be the difference between an A grade student and a student who doesn’t perform well in the classroom.