Night Lenses

Night Lenses are special contact lenses that you wear while sleeping that temporarly fix your eyesight.

Once you take out the lenses in the morning, your eyesight will be a perfect 20/20 for the rest of the day, allowing you the freedom to go without glasses. Night Lenses are the cheaper and safer way to correct your vision without the need for laser eye surgery. The best thing with Night Lenses are, if you decide you want to wear your glasses, simply don't put the lenses in before you go to bed and the whole process will have reversed by the morning.


"I first started using Night Lenses since I couldn't play Football or Rugby in my glasses and they totally changed my life. Since getting the lenses, they've allowed me to be so much more active than I was before. " James R

"I hated wearing my glasses but I was worried about having laser eye surgery so Night Lenses were the perfect option for me. Wearing the lenses at night is totally painless and then I wake up and can see totally clearly. " Mary B

"I started using Night Lenses when I was younger and since using them my vision has stopped getting worse and it was getting bad quickly before I started with them. Getting Night Lenses was the best decision I've ever made! " Lewis T


Why not book a conslutation with us today to discuss them? We are the only optician in Warwickshire to offer this innovitive surgery-free solution to correct your eyesight.

If Night Lenses sound too good to be true, we promise you they are as good as they sound!