Our Contact Lenses

Ensure Your Vision Is Comfortable And Protected

Contact lenses offer all round vision and provide a hygienic, low cost and comfortable way of correcting your eyesight. Favoured by people with active lifestyles, you no longer have to worry about breaking your spectacles or wondering where you left them.


There is no real age limit to contact lenses. We have fitted the youngest children to 86 year olds.

They offer a wider field of vision in comparison with glasses and advancements in contact lens technology means there is a number of options available to you including daily, fortnightly and monthly lenses. At Jason Rice Eyecare we provide all types of prescription lenses including daily, disposable, monthly, multifocal, toric and extended wear lenses.


If you are short sighted and wear glasses or contact lenses you will know that they have their downsides. Up until recently the only alternative was laser eye surgery and that can be a scary prospect. Your eyes are precious and the risk – no matter how miniscule – of unnecessary surgery can seem enormous.

Why not find out more about our special contact lens, Night Lenses, that you wear at night. This lens seemlessly corrects your vision while you sleep, temporarily fixing your eyesight for the following day.

Latest research is even suggesting Night Lenses are great for slowing down a child’s worsening changing eyesight and can even halt any deterioration if they are started early enough.

You can find out all about Night Lenses here.